Immigration, Public Housing and Welfare Chauvinism

Can welfare policies generate welfare chauvinism? I propose that, despite reducing scarcity, welfare expansion can generate welfare chauvinism when the immigrant-native divide is salient because the allocation of resources is framed around …

Anti Immigration Vote in the City Center

The urban rural divide in voting for anti immigration parties is one of the most striking patterns in contemporary Western democracies. Why are cities different? In large cities, segregation reduces the probability of contact between immigrants and …

Mobilization and the Strategy of Populism - Theory and Evidence from the United States

Do candidates use populism to maximize the impact of political campaigns? We show that candidates strategically adapt when campaigning in stiffly competitive districts with high levels of economic insecurity.

Collective Emotions and Protest Vote

We propose and test a novel behavioral theory of protest vote, that combines insights from social psychology to understand the role of collective emotions in generating protest.